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AECC objects with Business Center

Question asked by Jason Kuiack on Apr 13, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2020 by Marshall Cant

Hey guys, I'm looking for some guidance.


I keep running into the problem of getting autocad packages from engineering firms without the xrefs and aecc objects exploded. Its usually more of an inconvenience, because I just request a new file with the autocad objects exploded and they're happy to oblige. Sometimes they're timely, sometimes it takes a few days for a turnaround. The odd time when its a few day turnaround causes the project managers some headaches (and me looking like the bad guy.) I even got into it with one drafter who asked why I'm using such an inferior and out-of-date software and he refused to help me!


So my question is, what are my options for dealing with the autocad objects myself? I have zero experience with Civil 3D, the extent of my autocad knowledge is the research I did to find out why the objects won't work with business center. Getting Civil 3D isn't really an option for 2 reasons. Firstly I've grown to love Business Center and secondly I work for a smaller construction company and I just can't justify the cost of Civil 3D (and the learning curve) to explode the xrefs for 2 or 3 projects a year where this is an issue. Am I left to the mercy of the engineering firms?