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OPUS and Trimble R10-2 with 5.44 firmware

Question asked by john blaikie on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by john blaikie

Since updating our Trimble R10-2 receivers to the 5.44 firmware, when we convert our .T04 files to RINEX (doesn't matter which RINEX version) we have been unable to get a post-processed position through OPUS. The message we get states the following:

"6012   OPUS-RS is not able to find a solution for your data set.

 6012   OPUS-RS has stopped with the following message(s) in RSGPS

 6012   network solution:

STOP(ddedit): maximum number of cycle slips exceeded   1001"


We have suppress kinematic records turned on. We have installed Convert to RINEX version Anyone else have this same issue and know if there is a fix, or if it's on OPUS's end?