Matthew Adams

TBC v5.21 very slow

Discussion created by Matthew Adams on Apr 16, 2020

I have a large point cloud 230 scans a mix of SX10 and X7 full dome scans in TBC 5.21. It has  I have been having issues when dealing with point cloud data. I have a new (expensive) computer. The CPU is an Intel(R) Xeon(R) W-2125 4Ghz with 128GB of ram. The graphics card is a Nvidia Quadro P2200 (no on bord graphics card).  Registering scans and selecting and moving/classifying regions is very slow. The computer does not use much of its power. only about 28% of ram. Very little CPU 15%  and 1% GPU.  Can anyone Help.




Regards Matt


Task manager Performance TabSettings for point clouds