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Duplicate Corridor

Question asked by Francisco Guerrero on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by Francisco Guerrero

I am still in the stages of playing with Corridors and making one corridor mutliple times.  So, here is where are here in our office.  The higher up people choose to have two seperate reports and at time more then two reports depending on the subgrade material.  We typically do two report which are Existing to Propose > finish to finish report. simple right.  The second report Exisinting to Propose > finish to subgrade. A bit more instruction added to the corridor. Other times we have roadways that have different typical sections with various subgrade depths and different material.  What we have done is do the project as Save As, so we could make changes to the subgrade and run report without losing our other corridor data.


My thoughts and request to saving time to coping a corrdiro

After seeing the save templates, this could be some help making another corridor in the same project.  Just need to put this to the test. ** Would this be a method to copy a whole corridor and create a copy to start the subgrade corrdiors??

Is there a way to copy a corridor without using the surface as a instruction in a new corridor and not saving each template?