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Dividing polylines - some improvement suggestion?

Question asked by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email on Apr 21, 2020

There are two possibilities - Under CAD/Divide Lines option (TBC v5.21) - to divide a polyline/linestring or any other lines into segments, either by defining number of segments or by defining segment length including creating CAD points at each division (under additional Options).


I needed to create segments with specific length from a polyline containing 7 different vertices (points), which have different distances among each other. I specified a length which was the shortest distance between two neighboring points (vertices) including creating CAD points at segment ends to be able to create a line running parallel  at specified distance to the segment of polyline. Although the division task was successfully performed, I was not satisfied at all! There is some hidden logic in TBC v5.21, how it performs such division (where it starts the division), which I was unable to influence.


I wanted to start the division with a specified length form a concrete point (vertex) defined (chosen) by me, because I wanted to create a parallel line with respect to the polyline segment at a specified distance and which would be so long, like the polyline segment.


So - if there is really NO such option for defining a point (vertex) on a polyline, from which the division with specified length would start and in which direction (I was unable to find it) - this is my suggestion: ADD an option there, whether the user wants to specify a point (vertex), from which would start the division (and maybe also in which direction) or TBC will do it otherwise (as it is now, in version 5.21).


Or - is there such option after all, also in the version 5.21, which I was unable to discover and which would satisfy my requirement?


Martin Kalafut