Kristopher James

Processing OPUS through TBC

Discussion created by Kristopher James on Apr 21, 2020

I have become accustom to using the web portal Trimble has for processing my .T02 files through OPUS (  It’s nice and easy to drag and drop the file.  Once the .T02 file finishes uploading, the website lets me proceed to the “Review Antenna Settings” screen.  A lot of useful information here. At first I assume that the “Measurement Method” and “Measurement Height” (MM and MH) would be derived from the information that was put in the data collector, at the start of the survey.  For example, on first inspection of the Review Antenna Settings screen, MM shows Bottom of Antenna Mount and the MH is 1.7464m.  I would assume that these numbers came from the data collector converting the field crews R10 Lever measurement to BAM.  The field crew measures a 1.508m to the R10 Lever, which calculates to BAM being 1.704m and disagreeing with the Review Antenna Settings.  Is it wrong to assume the MM and MH are populated by the .T02?  If I manually change my MM to R10 Lever and my MH to 1.508m, my OPUS reports confirms the ARP is 1.704m.  ARP and BAM are the same correct according to the NGS ANTINFO.