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Export Trimble Access Road Strings Error

Question asked by Joe Melchiori on Apr 24, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by Alan Sharp

(Backstory) I am hunting for the best option to be able to reuse my corridor build to perform stakeout operations in the field. Specifically i am attempting to cut out the need for my field guys from having to key in templates to perform slope staking operations. We are currently running TSC3s with Access and Roads. TSC7’s are not an option for me yet so i’m looking at the best options with the equipment we have. So far after reading a handful of Alan’s articles regarding the use of GENIO files, i think my best option will be exporting “Trimble Access road strings”. I have done some field testing and i can get the staking information i require including a handful of H/V offsets and the slope intercept. However, I’m having issues when exporting the corridor for my project.


When i perform the "Trimble Access Road Strings" export and re-import the new .crd file into TBC to check, the new alignment definition is changing one of my vertical curves from symmetrical to asymmetrical. Once asymmetrical, it gives a departure curve length the exact distance to the the next vertical curves VPC. Prior to exporting, the symmetrical curve is only 750 long, after the export it is reaching over 3000' to the next curve and removing tangent section of line. I also notice that the .crd definition is adding a grade break at the VPC of every symmetrical curve, i am unsure if there is significance to that as well. The remainder of the alignment is technically a match (even though additional definition) with exception to the asymmetrical curve.






Are there any known limitations to this export that could cause this? Or possibly a flaw in my corridor build that the software doesn’t like? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.