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UAV Ground Control App, support for different datum

Question asked by Andrew Haight on Apr 25, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2020 by jason HINSLEY

I just started working with the Trimble Catalyst using the UAV Ground Control app for creating check points for our drone maps.  We are currently using the Phantom 4 RTK with base station, and processing in Pix4D and Virtual Surveyor.

When using the UAV Ground Control app, the points are recorded in ITRF2014 with the GRS80 model.  However, there appears to be no support for NAD83CSRS with CGVD2013.


Our current workflow is to capture the control points and drone survey data in WGS84 and HAE, process the images, ground control, and check points in Pix4d, and set the Height Above Ellipsoid on output before bringing it into Virtual Surveyor to convert to NAD83CSRS.  This workflow will still provide horizontal error as the geoid offset varies and we can only set one value.


Just looking for ideas, or if anyone has had similar issues and how you've managed to work through it?