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Positions TerraSync Import Project Questions

Question asked by Joel Cusick on Apr 25, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Joel Cusick

I'm using latest Positions versions, up-to-date Juno 3B, Geo7x, Geo2008 using TerraSync 5.86 devices all using the Project "Terrasync Import DDF/SSF approach.  Questions, and requests for enhancements:


1) Enhancement - In between feature positions.  In between feature logging when enabled on TerraSync is not being checked in alongside features.  This should be automatically consumable since the data is sitting in the SSF file as POSITIONS. Many scientists use this for "walk surveys", ensuring they don't cover locations (archeologists) looking for things,or walking grids.   This is a basic feature of Garmin like devices, that is a necessary function of our long-used devices. can you get that in next release?


2) Device naming - Maybe I am doing something wrong, but before a feature is checked in, can devices be named (properties) BEFORE data is checked back in?  I name my devices on check in, but the session is already tagged "device 1", not giving me a chance to define the session "Mapper 1 etc".  This could just be me - i'm learning.


3) Differential processing datum nomenclature - incorrect.  Datums are a bit of my thing, and like PFO has led to horrible confusion.  I like the diff. wizard in Positions, but its incorrect by stating or defaulting to expressing the datum of a base station as WGS-1984 LLH).  For example one of the longest running CORS in Anchorage has this line of code after it. Position (WGS-1984 LLH): 61° 10' 30.81312" N, 149° 59' 0.29791" W, 57.506m, Antenna Height: 0m

CORS stations are not in WGS84, but in two reference frames today IGS08 or NAD83 (2011).  In PFO wizard, at least the wizard gave a reporting of both reference frames (irrespective of choosing use position from base or provider_, and even that is better than the current tact of just saying to the user.. hey, your in WGS84(1984).  Very poor choice of text, and I think NGS could debate this much better than me.  

A preference is simply interogate, the position/velocity page of a station you choose - CORS pages are freeely available - your software guys could simply harvest the coordinates - and show them - and you don't have to automate which one to use, just say "hey user, you could be in either of these reference frames". Here is the link to the station - practice due diligence and check coordinates against the provider".  What is going on now is so very far from truth.


4) Save to file for differential - make it automatic.  A two step process to click save to file, then browse to the location, then save is way too many steps for such an essential metadata.  PFO automates that with save settings.  Please have that in a settings "Hey, want to save correction setings to a file upon completion".  Yes.


5) AUTO ZOOM to features.  check box - auto zoom.  that way, you can bounce around quicker feature to features.


6) Am I missing something, but distances can only be displayed in Decimal degrees?  The GDB created from the DDF is GCS WGS84, isn't there a way to set units, and have distances store in real units in the attribute table? I may have missed a step.

7) Are offsets handled like PFO, ensuring manipulation of an offset after the field inside a positions workflow?  


thanks - this is quite a good product and my students are enjoying moving beyond PFO.