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Cut-Fill maps and Merge Surface - Incorrect triangulation

Question asked by Marian Plucinski on Apr 26, 2020

I have created my Finished Surface using strings from the Designers.


I have Imported boundaries representing different pavement types, draped them on to the surface, exploded them and added to the surface (Sharp and Texture Boundary type).


Using MSI I have created different Pavement Types, added them using Site Improvements and generated new subgrade surfaces.


So far so good. No dramas. All looks nice.



Then I create C/F Map between Existing Surface and my newly created Subgrade Surface. That's where the problems start. Triangulation of the C/F Map is incorrect, therefore generating "webbing" triangles as seen below.



I have run into the same problem when:


  • merging different surfaces
  • clipping surfaces


Another example:

Surface on the left is a parent surface, combination of strings and lidar.

Surface of the right is a product surface of Merge Surfaces (Finish Replaces Existing mode).





Whenever one of the parent surfaces contains breaklines or was triangulated using breaklines, those breaklines seem to be "forgotten" in the new (product) surface, therefore generating incorrect triangulation.


Has any one else run into that problem as well? If so, how to fix it?