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How to check out the license for machine that can not reach  License Server

Question asked by Dmitry Vodianytskyi on May 2, 2020
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Could you please advise, how to detach a network license for a client that cannot reach the license server?


I have several network licenses for TRW and configured the license server to allow 1 license to be detached. My problem is that due to some corporate network and lock-down issues I have one machine, that cannot reach the License Server (although has internet connection). So my plan was to check-out the license for several days, transfer the license (h2r file?) to the client on a flash drive and manually import it. But when in Sentinel Admin Control Centre I go to Products, and click "Detach" on the required license, I get "Select Recipient Machine" selection where that client obviously is not listed.

1. Can I add that client manually?

2. Is there an other way of exporting (detaching/checking out) the license for such a client?