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TrimbleConnect SDK GetProjectsAsync() skip/take possible?

Question asked by Ronald Dusselaar on May 4, 2020

We use the Trimble.Connect.Client SDK to connect our apps with Trimble. To get projectdata we use the TrimbleConnectClient.GetProjectsAsync() method. Unfortunately the response is very slow when 200+ projects are returned, even if the result is paginated.


I am looking for some kind of skip/take mechanism to reduce the responsetime.


It would be ideal if the skip and take could be used through the parameters dictionary like this:

var parameters = new Dictionary<string, string> { { "skip", "25" }, { "take", "25" } };
var projects = await trimbleConnectClient.GetProjectsAsync(parameters);


The TrimbleConnect api does provide this functionality by allowing a request header with value (queryparam would be better imho)


I hope someone can help me with this problem.




Ronald Dusselaar