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Trimble Receiver Naming Convention

Question asked by Charles Bisbee on May 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by Nico Becke



I am currently using the TPSDK for Catalyst to be able to connect with Trimble R-Series devices in the mobile app I am working on. I am curious if Trimble has any standard naming convention that is used when it comes to the reported Bluetooth device name coming from the receiver. I am hoping there is some sort of reliable naming convention to tell if a Bluetooth device is a Trimble receiver in general and hopefully something to differentiate whether it is an R-Series vs a Spectra Precision vs a Trimble S-Series, etc...


My thought process behind this is I am looking to implement logic in my app to automatically load the proper drivers for use with the TPSDK based on the paired Bluetooth device the user has selected. I could always implement an option in our UI for the user to manually select which receiver type they are using but I am looking to avoid that if possible!