Michael Krones

DA1 Cable Connections

Discussion created by Michael Krones on May 6, 2020

Has anyone had problems with the cable connections on the DA1 antenna? We've broken the micro-USB jack for external power on two antennas. I find it to be not a robust configuration. The jack is soldered to the PC board in a perpendicular orientation. There is no mechanical support, only the soldered leads.

My field personnel wear the Trimble backpack with the antenna on a short pole connected to the backpack. All it takes is for the USB cable to get hung up in a branch. The result is that rather than the cable disconnecting from the battery or antenna (it would be the antenna because the USB-A connection on the battery is well-built), the cable pulls the jack out of the DA1.

I see this as a design flaw and hope that someone at Trimble sees the message and fixes the hardware.