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Discussion created by David Donnell on May 6, 2020
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Hello, my name is David Donnell and I am a User Experience Designer on the TBC team. My focus is on making TBC easier to use. Currently, the team and I are working on updating and improving the way data is managed and viewed in TBC. 


In order to get more insight into how we can improve data management, I am reaching out to the Trimble community to find anyone willing to share their experience with managing data in TBC. Experience in a mobile mapping workflow would be a bonus.


I will be asking a few questions about:

  • How you use the project explorer, view filter manager and selection explorer in your daily workflow
  • The challenges you experience when working with data in TBC
  • How you handle data in a mobile mapping workflow
  • How you would like to organize your data in a better way


Please let me know if you are interested in speaking with the team for an hour about some of these topics. We know you all are busy and we would greatly appreciate your time.