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.spj File Data Access

Question asked by Matt Eklund on May 12, 2020
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by Steve DiBenedetto

Regarding the .spj files in the Work Order folders on TCC,


Is there a way that once the .spj file is refreshed after a controller sync, that the record.txt file can be automatically generated and placed in the TCC folder?


The only way I see this happening now is by syncing locally using Office Sychronizer and then using SCS900 Data Manger to click on the results folder of the work order.  Only then does the record.txt file update.


I'm trying to figure out how not to use the Excel "SCS900 report utility" template, that is way too slow and crashes frequently to the point of being useless.


There's a lot more customization that I can do using PowerBI, but I need to connect to the data on TCC automatically.