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better way to enter series of points at certain line chainages?

Question asked by Ronny Schneider on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 18, 2020 by Ronny Schneider

I work since quite a few years with TBC but never had to do that specific task in TBC, only in Terramodel were it is no trouble at all.

I did check the help but couldn't find anything better. But maybe I miss the forest for the trees.


Does anybody have a better workflow to create a series of points at different chainages receiving the line elevation than:


-create point

-right click in coordinate field

-scroll down to offset from line

-select line

-enter chainage and offset

-right click into elevation field

-scroll to along line snap

-select line again

-enter chainage again

-click add point

goto :1 and do it all over again


compared to the GC65 in Terramodel that is a pain

there you select the line once and just enter different chainages, hit enter and it's done