Tyler Lindsay

v5.30 Issues with 4K displays and Corridor Interface

Discussion created by Tyler Lindsay on May 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2020 by Alan Sharp

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about an issue I've discovered in the latest TBC update. Feel free to move it if it needs to be moved.


I updated to TBC v5.30 today, and I use a set of 4K monitors as well as a laptop workstation. I've been creating a corridor for one of our project for the past few days, and have noticed some unexpected behavior within the "Edit Corridor Template" panel. I did not experience these issues with previous TBC versions. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've repaired, and I've used the Trimble Cleanup application, but still experience the same issue.


While using TBC on my 4K displays, the GUI (drop-down menu, text boxes, check marks, etc) within the Edit Corridor Template command do not update or behave 'actively' (drop-down menu opens, but the options don't highlight when hovered over; text boxes act frozen with no blinking text bar or blue highlighting, although they do apparently still receive input, though I can't see what I've typed in them; check boxes don't update when clicked, etc.). These issues act as effective blinders, because I can still modify my corridor templates, I just can't see any of the changes that I make to the user input fields.


When I lower my monitor resolution, these problems go away (the highest resolution that I can successfully set my monitor to is 2560 x 1600). The issues are also not present when I have TBC displayed on my built-in laptop monitor. I have not seen any other obvious issues related to these ones; I can pan around my project, objects (including the corridor I'm editing) update when I make changes, and buttons highlight as expected when I hover over them. The only command that I've seen this issue with is Edit Corridor Template.


I'm using a very capable workstation which has all of the latest BIOS, drivers, updates, etc.