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Cross Sections - Tables

Question asked by Chris Whelan on May 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 16, 2020 by Alan Sharp


I am plotting cross sections and long sections within the drawing (Planset) and would like to alter the table properties (width/heights) of the boxes. There is 'wasted space' above the numbers and also the width of the description. 

There is an option in the long section edit for title box width, but not in cross section view. 

It would nice to be able to refine this. 

Also be able to add the Datum on the cross sections. 

Also when I plot the cross sections and long sections the dashed line (usually for the existing) scale is sparatic and not consistent. I find if I click on edit in the sheet view and click on each line it tends to fix it. This is extremely time consuming if plotting a large project. 

In addition is there an option to have a legend within the title box? Ie existing is blue dashed line (a little hard to see blue existing line in example shown), design solid, etc?