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Coordinates Not Displayed

Question asked by Kenneth Gallant on May 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by Rui Wu

I am trying to observe topo points using Access 2017. I am set up on a construction site so I have my coordinate system set to "No Projection No Datum", using ground coordinates. When I am in "Measure Topo" the coordinates are displayed as "?". Can someone run me through the set up, I think I am missing something. I feel like I should be using grid coordinates but that still didn't seem to work out. I have been using software from a different manufacturer for 4 years and the set up in this instance is very simple, I have about 1 hour on access 2017 and I am confused. I rarely set up on any lines or pins, almost always using a resection and that is the case in this situation. I am not a surveyor just a guy who reads about surveying and performs construction layout.