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Another Shortfall in Using USB Switcher App Discovered

Question asked by Joel Cusick on May 20, 2020

I may have discovered yet another shortfall in the use of USB Switcher app with Data Transfer of IMP files (background data files) during a typical TerraSync Job.


Using Data Transfer and USB Switcher app on a Geo7x, the IMP file I transferred using Data Transfer SEND tab to the Trimble could not be "seen" in either the Data/Manager nor Data/Update, nor Map/BackgroundFiles with "show data" check box.

I could only get access to the IMP file when using WMDC and Data Transfer. 


This is the third type of file besides the STU (studio file) that won't be seen in Terrasync since WMDC / Active Sync is the only approach to move the data into the appropriate storage slot (my documents/terrasync).


With WMDC on federal computers being shut down, we need to continue to use TerraSync and Positions workflow.  Can Trimble find a solution.


I recommend that a small step by Trimble to update TerraSync (last update 2018) would be welcomed by persons stuck between using using high precision modern WM devices and providing crucial "precise parking spaces" for certain file types that we use from Data Transfer.