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Trimble connect objects attributes not showing (Desktop Version)

Question asked by Barry De Beer on May 22, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Guest

Trimble connect desktop version not showing all object attributes exported but shows in web version. 

Desktop version:


WEB version:


This was working last week but not sure why it stopped working for all models i have on trimble connect. 

Its almost like its not reading in all the property sets? 

We spent quite a while to program this into the ifc property sets in tekla. 


What could cause this? I have reinstalled trimble connect and its still not giving all attributes exported to ifc?


Could this be a windows update causing the problem? 


My fellow detailers in the office can see all the attributes in their TC desktop version. 


I am running win 10  (1909)


Please help !!!