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TBC 5.30 - Invalid visualisation of CF Map for Projected Surfaces

Question asked by Marian Plucinski on Jun 1, 2020
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I have run into some dramas with CF Maps for Projected Surfaces.

I have seen that exercise as tutorial. I have also managed to do do it myself on the previous version of TBC (5.21).


CF Map created between two Projected surfaces shows correct:

  • daylight line
  • cut/fill values
  • volumes


It displays completely incorrect visualisation (shading) of the cut fill map.


Does anyone know why it might be?



1) Scanned wall


2) Sampled @ 10mm grid


3) Projected Surface created using Sampled Point Cloud


4) Cut Fill Map created using Two Projected Surfaces: One from Point Cloud and Second one as just a random plane (both projected onto same Plane).

5) Properties of the CF Map


6) CF Map itself