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Convert As-Staked (now As-Set Out) Points moving coordinates... Why!?

Question asked by Scott Lehr on Jun 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by Scott Lehr

I am having issues with TBC in some high precision work.  Surveyor shot his data using As-Staked Points. When I bring his JXL into TBC and convert As-Set out Points (formally As-Stakeout Points). It appears to re-process a position.  The new position is 7mm away.  WHY is it doing this?  It is a single Stakeout shot. 


As I am on a project with very high precision tolerances, I can't have my points bouncing around 7 mm. 


It seems like the farther the shot from the setup the worse the error. So some sort of scaling is happening. But the project is set up with a SF of 1.0000 so what is TBC doing to this shot to recalculate the position. 


What am I missing.  Please help me understand this. 


Before converting Point: