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TBC 5.0 Corridor problems not exporting the full template

Question asked by Mia/Joel Garcia on Jun 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by Alan Sharp

I am using TBC V5.0 (waiting on IT to approve an update). Trying to create a simple corridor of just tangent an offset 26' right and a side slope 1.8:1. I have my horizontal and vertical alignments everything looks perfect. 


I can see my offset and side slopes when I use a comparative surface, but when I go to export using rxl INCLUDING templates its not spitting out my side slope command. I can see its right, i use side slope from my shoulder and fill slope with 1.8:1 ratio. Its exporting about a 4kb file when it should be 200kb. 


I got it to work the other day forcing it to meet a surface but now i cant even make it do that because its creating a wierd grade break now when I am trying to stake in the field. 


Is this a 5.0 glitch? Super clunky. i like this much better than C3D for construction calcs and really want to use it but this has me very frustrated. Its a very basic corridor and wont work, and it looks 100% correct on the cross section view.


You should not need to force a comparative surface to get it to work, maybe its just this 5.0 version. Hope IT gets me on 5.3 today this is effing me. Manually slope staking not my cup of tea really chaps my ass.


Thanks to all appreciate your help.