Tyler Lindsay

Enhancement Request - Model Colors vs. Export Colors

Discussion created by Tyler Lindsay on Jun 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by Ronny Schneider

I'd like to request an enhancement that would allow me the ability to differentiate model space colors separately from "field" colors (i.e. those that show up on data collectors, machines, etc.). This could be a similar feature to AutoCAD's plot colors vs. regular layer colors, and the GUI for the addition would be useful to have in both the Layer Manager and Properties panels. I've attached a very basic mockup for better illustration of this.


The usefulness of this feature would quickly be realized by those wanting to view a multitude of site features and utilities using many different colors (including light colors) in Business Center, while creating an easy way to make sure linework is always easily visible to field crews and operators. For instance, it's very useful for me to be able to designate gas lines in Business Center using a yellow line, which is impossible to see (due to the combination of sun and safety glasses/sunglasses) on older GCS and TSC's, and difficult to see on newer devices. Getting into the wees a bit, when exporting such lines as a DXF or DWG, it'd probably be useful to have the option to export the with either model or field colors.


Along these same lines, it'd be useful to be able to see linetypes and lineweights on field devices, but I'm sure that's for a different forum.


Coupled with this request, it would also be useful to have a "field space" view (i.e. model space vs. field space), which would quickly allow the data preparer to review within Business Center what any exported linework will look like on field devices (thus making it unnecessary to use the emulators to do the same).