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Increase Memory able to be used by TBC past Half available.

Discussion created by Ross McAtamney on Jun 14, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2020 by Ross McAtamney

Can we look at increasing the available memory TBC can use on a machine? It is currently set to 2GB by default for point clouds, this can manually be increased in the Options window to half the available memory on the machine. On this logic if i want TBC to be able to access 16GB of ram, I need to purchase 32GB.


The problem with this is that in a world of large point clouds, users need to use more and more memory, which means they need to purchase twice the amount they would be using, just to have half sitting there unable to be used in TBC. I can understand the argument for some of the machine to be used, so maybe leave a percentage for the machine, or even have it set to something 2GB retained at all times for the machine.