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Plan and Profile Sheet Settings

Question asked by Guest on Jun 15, 2020

I am creating Plan and Profile sheets and have come across a few questions.  These all apply to the Sheet Settings.


1 - When creating a Sheet, under Sheet Settings vertical curves have many settings for displaying design data.  However, I cannot find a setting for the Vertical Curve Length.  


2 - I cannot find a setting under Sheet Settings for the placement of the Plan view, i.e. a distance from the left side of the sheet to the left side of the Plan dynaview.


3 - The Profile View on the sheet draws the grid based on the Profile Diagram settings but the profile itself begins about four inches inside the grind and ends about 2.5 inches inside the grid.  Are there settings for these?  I can't find them.  As a result of this, and item 2 above, my plan and profile views are not aligned and I have to physically move the Plan dynaview.  


4 - When plotting to a pdf the profile grid is written over the text instead of in the background.  I have used the Layer Manager to set the grid layers to be view in the background and set the text layers to be viewed in the foreground but this does not change anything.  What am I missing here?  


Thanks for the help!