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Can TBC run with the new version of windows 10 version2004 yet is there a fix on the way

Question asked by Anthony Mercer on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by Ross McAtamney

I have recently upgraded to windows ten from seven so this is the first install of the operating system and i have not been able to run TBC what so ever after contacting the local trimble provider i received the following response


I’ve hard back from the TBC Product manager in Colorado. It appears that this is a new issue for TBC team, however your not alone. It appears this is a wide spread problem being reported globally.


For the time being we do not see a fix for this in the next 24-48 hours as you are heading back to site tomorrow. If possible, it is recommended to have this computer rolled back to a clean Windows 10 Version 1909 with appropriate drivers.


Does anyone have a work around yet as i can not roll back to previous version1990