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Local Zone Position GSOF message fields eastings and northings order

Question asked by Brendan Betke on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by Ethan Moe

What is the correct ordering of the Local Zone Position GSOF message fields as far as the Northing and Easting fields are concerned?


On the Trimble website found here:

GSOF messages: LLH 

The descriptions for those message fields for SPS receivers online are given as:
18-25 Local zone north

26-33 Local zone east

(as shown in png attachment 1)


This contradicts other SPS operational manuals distributed in pdf form which state:

18-25 Local zone east

26-33 Local zone north

(as shown in png attachment 2)


Which way around is it?

Certainly from the evidence I have seen it points to the manual ordering with Easting first being correct. It would be nice if Trimble would update their official documentation accordingly.

I could not see any mention in versions of receiver firmware release notes indicating that this ordering has been swapped.


Clarification on this matter from anyone who knows would be great.