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Best workflow for this data, SX10, X7 and drone.

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Jun 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by Fredrik Bergstrom

Hi guys!


How would you recommend me to get the best out of this data set? This is a test set for me because i want to know how good the X7 scanner are together with other data. 

In the dropbox link you will get all the data. 


We did just one scan with our SX10 and then we did many stations with our X7. We also used our P4 RTK and we placed the X7 scanner close to some gcp:s just to be able to check the data. 


As you can see in the report from the X7 we got a couple off stations wich is orange, not so good but i thing it would be ok anyway. If i took the complete cloud from the X7 and just referenced it to the data from the SX10 i get a error about 11cm in the other end of the project, 600m away, when i check it to my gcps. 

Instead of doing pairwise referencing i tried do georeference by using the gcp:s on the grund and then the error seems to be like 40mm instead. That more ok because we just had one station with the SX10. 


If you have the time to look at the data, how would you do to get the best result?  

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Have a nice day!