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Override Segment Length Tool/Macro?

Question asked by Matt Voge on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Matt Voge

I was curious if the development team had considered creating a stand alone tool or macro to establish linestring segment length by numbers of segments/length?  I run into situations where I need to densify surface models and instead of breaking the linestring(s) into multiple segments I prefer to override segment lengths so I don't have to filter through multiple linestring endpoints to stake a single line.  The option to override segment lengths should have it's own tool (in my opinion) so you don't have to use the properties pane.  If you need to override segment length on multiple linestrings by uniform number of segments you have to so 1 linestring at a time due to the limitations (in my opinion) of only being able to override segment length by distance only.


densify linestrings

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Alan Sharp