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Linestring Editing in Profile View

Discussion created by Stephen Gibson on Jun 26, 2020
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The profile view for linestrings (accessible by selecting a linestring, right-clicking, and selecting "Profile Viewer") could stand to have some of the editing functionality available in the alignment profile view added to it.


  • Option to display segment slope (I've seen this requested elsewhere on this forum)
  • Grip editing of vertical nodes (both VPI's and the elevations on horizontal nodes) which would ideally include the ability to adjust vertical curve parameters graphically
  • With "Edit Linestring" active, clicking on vertical nodes on the line's profile should select it for editing as it does in plan view (if I move my mouse down to the profile view, instead of handy node selection it just becomes a frustrating "not allowed" icon)Linestring editing


One scenario I encounter involves elevating linestrings that represent the IE of, say, a water pipe, to have a specific offset below a reference surface. This introduces far more nodes than desired as it places a VPI along the line everywhere it crosses a surface edge, and I manually have to weed these down. When I use profile view in its current form to identify local max/min elevations and decide which VPI's to eliminate, I have to zoom in and note the approximate station, then go find that node either in plan view or scroll through the list of VPI's in the "Edit Linestring" tool to find and then finally edit/delete it. I should be able to simply click the node I see in profile view and have it selected for editing/deletion through grips and in "Edit Linestring".


Another scenario involves matching a linestring's grade to a reference surface by manually best-fitting it, as for example in a FG surface tie-in to an existing ground topo. Not having the grip-edit functionality means I have to accomplish this in a roundabout way by identifying the nodes affected and selecting them in the "Edit Linestring" tool, either guess-and-checking the elevations or using the measure tool to estimate the distance to raise or lower the affected nodes by.


I realize that I can get some of this functionality by creating an alignment first and then using the alignment's profile view to make the desired edits, and then round-trip that back to a linestring when finished; but this is impractical when needing to edit multiple linestrings on the fly.