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TBC Utilities Export for Tilos

Question asked by Paul Miller on Jun 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2020 by Paul Miller

A customer has asked for the following:




Would like to generate an Excel utilities report from TBC to go into Tilos. The alignments he refers to would be road CL as opposed to the Utility run itself. The following info is required:



  1. Task ID
  2. Manhole Name
  3. Manhole Chainage (Require offset either side of CL by a custom distance, this is so it visually shows in the Tilos programme
  4. Manhole Alignment to report against
  5. Network Name
  6. Manhole Dia
  7. Manhole Depth
  8. WBS
  9. Template Name (Determined from depth)



  1. Task ID
  2. Pipe Name (From MH 1 = MH2)
  3. Pipe Chainage against alignment Tilos programme
  4. Pipe Alignment to report against (project area)
  5. Pipe Dia
  6. Trench width
  7. Network Name
  8. Average Pipe Depth
  9. WBS
  10. Templated name determined by the depth


Could use excel to do custom lookups & formulas to make the following fields

  1. Task Name
  2. Links from low to high inverts


Note that you can have a network on two or three different alignments.


The format would look like this:



Note that the customer has posted on the community already:

TBC Utilities Export to Tilos  


Perhaps a macro is the way to go?