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TBC and RINEX Converter output incompatible with TEQC and Auspos

Question asked by Ronny Schneider on Jul 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Ronny Schneider


I just did a long static survey and I found some compatibility issues of TBC and the stand alone RINEX converter.


I had downloaded the data as RINEX 3.04 from the receiver. As it turns out Auspos doesn't like that. So, I used TBC 5.30 to convert it to RINEX2.11. But still Auspos doesn't like it. I used TEQC to check the file and it also finds issues in the header "unrecognized code C3".

I also find concerning that TBC is creating observations where none were before (using data from the previous line), and is cutting off decimals. It doesn't seem to have an influence on the base line computation though. I'm not that familiar with the RINEX format so maybe somebody knows and could share his knowledge.


As it turns out you can't use TBC to convert data to RINEX if you want to process it with Auspos as it will create header information that isn't compatible. That is disappointing. At least the stand alone RINEX converter can be used.


InputConverter UsedOutput RinexTEQC



Rinex 3.04 from SPS985 V5.37TBC5.302.10 header - leap second errorerror
Rinex 3.04 from SPS985 V5.37TBC5.302.11header problem - observable code C3 unrecognized error
T02TBC5.302.11header problem - observable code C3 unrecognized error
Rinex 2.11 from SPS985 V5.37noneokok
Rinex 2.11 from SPS985 V5.37TBC5.302.11header - leap second errorerror
T02Rinex Converter problem - observable code C3 unrecognized 


doesn't work after all didn't work with T02 or any of the RINEX 2.11. Always got a processing error.


After poking around for several hours I found a solution. The question is if the TBC output is flawed and not 100% as per the RINEX spec or if TEQC and Auspos interpret it the wrong way.