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Possible bug report : TBC Corridor templates : Insufficient reference surface sampling width

Question asked by Anastasios Vidouris on Jul 7, 2020

I attached the project. Here are the steps to see what the issue is.


Windows views are centered to the problem.
Select corridor named Level 283
Select template at 0+285.001 and edit.
Go to station 295.
It samples only about 100 meters to the right although is should be no less than 300m.
Clicking on the surface cross section you will see at the properties that i have set the extents to 1000m.
Set the station at 305. Now the sampling is full and i do get a horizontal daylight for the bench.


I took a look if this is happening to other corridors too.
I selected corridor named Level 355.

I sampled at various stations.

I found out that the same sort width sampling issue happens at station 0+390. But when i set the station at 0+246.485, which is the equivalent for 0+295 for corridor named Level 283, the sampling extents to the surface edge !


If i select Surface Slicer View it works perfect. It accurately samples the surface no matter where i set the sampling line.


I export the Level 283 surface using RXL road exporter from surface and i check it at the Trimble Access 2020.00 emulator. Looking the 3D view the same area is empty.

At Define i see that there is no 0+285.001 Right template.

I may set the <none> right side template positions to interpolate but this is not an acceptable solution.


Back to the TBC i click the Level 283 surface and the properties i set the max edge length at 1000m.

The empty space immediately fills but this has nothing to do with sampling. It stills ends up to about a 100m.


Furthermore i found lots of other issues. If there is response from a developer i will post them.

This issue is the one i was not capable of finding a workaround.


0+295 Insufficient surface sampling width


0+305 Correct surface sampling width, full.