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Creating Points on Edited Linestrings

Question asked by Andrew Walther on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2020 by Thomas Mauriello



First time poster here...


Our TBC / C3D workflow is such that we edit surveyed linestrings in TBC. The editing could involve any of the following:


  1. Moving / deleting points
  2. Trimming, extending, breaking linestrings


My question is this...


Can I re-establish points in TBC such that they are numbered consecutively along the resulting edited linestrings?  To explain the need ideally we should be able to i) create new points ii) export those points to a text file and iii) import them back to TBC and the resultant is perfectly formed linestrings that reflect the edits that were made initially.


At this point I'm not looking for an alternative method or procedure, I'm just curious to know if there is a way to automate the creation of consecutively numbered points on the linestrings such that the descriptions match those of the linestring.  Probably a reach but just wanted to see if anybody had any ideas.