Loss of IMU / GNSS data during banking turns with UX5?

Discussion created by fdbaquero@gmail.com on Nov 24, 2015
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           Thanks a lot for your answer.  I have another question for you.   During some fligths with UX5 we looked that the IMU file (*.csv) lost some points this means, the camera take the picture but the points with coordinates in IMU file are not registered. So, After that when we read the file the program said that theres some problems with some pictures an imu file.   We check the KML files to see what happened and we detect that this problem happened when the plane during the flight turns and takes new flight line. (it lost about 3-5 points)  We don't know why this happend.  Could you tell about this and do you know is other Ux5 have the same problems and how to avoid this?


Thanks a lot for your prompt response.