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Did you know? Special Pricing for UASMaster and TBC Advanced Photogrammetry Module until June 30 2016

Question asked by on Nov 25, 2015
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For a limited time, Trimble is offering special promotional price for its UASMaster software.

Trimble offers UASMaster software for those wanting photogrammetry-grade editing and visualization capabilities when working with data acquired using any brand of UAS or RPAS (up to 51Mpix). UASMaster offers a selected group of the highly advanced features available in the traditional Inpho software suite including aerial triangulation, camera refinement, homogeneous orthomosaic generation, and stereoscopic visualization, basic mapping and point cloud editing.

UASMaster offers a variety of tools for flexible parameter setups that apply to specific quality or performance needs of creating deliverables. The advanced user finds valued workflows for successful processing of the most challenging datasets known from traditional inpho photogrammetry - optionally supported by additional observations such as high quality GNSS (e.g. provided by the new UX5 HP).

UASMaster offers easy connectivity to 3rd party workflows through the support of standardized exports or tiling tools and was tested with projects covering several thousands of images.

Users may run the process in a "black-box" mode (Quick-Processing option keeping intermediate results) or in a step-by-step workflow. For the experienced user, customized strategies can be created by changing or adding parameters to the options files.


UASMaster is the right tool for UAS experts that want to have full control over the process. Workflows are optimized for the type of data to be processed - so working with UASMaster really is easy to learn (regular web trainings are available through the trimble learning center).


Also TBC Advanced Photogrammetry is part of this promotion. TBC APM combines the typical survey workflows with modern UAS processing techniques. TBC APM is the end-to-end solution for surveyors that want to do their geodetic measurements or geodetic network adjustments (e.g. for ground control points), base-line processing for GNSS and follow-up survey centric analysis (volumes, CAD...) in one Trimble application. UAS processing itself in TBC APM requires little less photogrammetric experience than UASMaster while UASMaster is targeting UAS professionals that need all flexibility for successful processing of the most challenging projects as well as the flexibility to adapt processing parameters to their application-driven quality and performance needs.


Check your local sales representative for pricing information - and find out what Trimble has to offer.


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