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Issue: Command object threw an exception

Question asked by Tyler Lindsay on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Alan Sharp

I am unable to import CAD linework via drag-and-drop or discrete import command. I receive the following vague error:



This error affects both DXF and DWG linework import attempts, and is a new problem for this file, though I have experienced it previously in other projects. These CAD files are not open in other programs while trying to import. 


This does not affect other file imports (ie XML, CSV, XYZ, etc.)


As can be imagined, I need to be able to add more data to my project, and I need to do so as quickly as possible, preferably without creating a new file.


Is there a way to resolve or otherwise get around this error?


If there isn't already, it would be excellent to have more context and/or information as to the origin of the error. Additionally, it would be great if a log report was generated for errors such as these.