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Double or triple-action of TCU3 keypad-enter-button in Trimble Access 2015.XX?

Question asked by gasupport on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by gasupport

I made the experience with TCU3 with Trimble Access version 2015.XX, that the enter-button in keypad sometimes does double or triple action.


For example, measuring a point twice with same pointnumer, TA claims that point already exists and asks what to do now - overwrite etc. But when using the enter-button from keypad for accepting the measurment, this dialog is already confirmed and the last order in dropdown-menu is used without having the chance to choose an other.

Next example, when measuring a point and having a code libary with attributes, the attributes dialog is not shown, because the enter-button has already confirmed twice the dialog and the measurement is done.


I have seen this behaviour on several TCU3, but it does not always occur, but too often for beeing ok. Using the stylus for accepting dialogs works fine without problems.


Has anybody seen such a behaviour before?