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Excel export failed

Discussion created by Jean-Michel DETAIN on Jul 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by Darshan Rajaram Kamat

Hi Trimble support,


I’m contacting you following an issue on Trimble Connect Web client. When I try to export activities on a project, I received an email telling me that the export processing failed.

First time I’ve tried to export all activity on a quite big project, so I decided to filter the export and trying to get the file upload and download for the past 7 days. But even like that I received a failed export email.


I’ve tried on another project, but the issue continue to appear. Even if there is just 6 activities, the export failed.

Could you tell me how can I fix the problem to get the excel export? Because we need to have this export for further using.


Thanks for you help.

Best regards