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Exporting Points/Attributes with Georeferenced Images from TBC

Question asked by kevin Bryce on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by Alan Sharp

Hi There,


First time post so I hope I am in the correct area.


I am currently collecting large amounts of site data using the R12 which consists mainly of Single attributed points with accompanying Geo-referenced photographs (taken with the TSC3) attached to said points. The ultimate goal is to export the Point numbers, Attributes, Image Names, Paths, and Coordinate Data out from TBC to an excel sheet which can then be used as the basis for import into a third party software.


However we are in the position now where we have duplicate points In addition to this I am unable to come up with a way that we can export this data out into a single sheet. The plan was to use Media Export in Access to provide us with a list of Point Names, Paths and Image names which we could then use to marry up the data with the points spreadsheet but the duplicate point names will now negate that, the only other option that I can see is to bring out the points and Attributes separately and then use the Georeferenced positions from the images, I would like to avoid this as there may be issues regarding accuracy of the geo-referencing due to human factor onsite.


I am trying to find and/or build a custom report that would allow me to bring this data out as one. so it would be a case of renumber points and export a report containing the info even if it is only Point Number, Attribute, Image Name, x, y


Any help would be greatly appreciated.