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Densify Corridor Surface Issue

Question asked by Richard Tyndall on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by Alan Sharp

Doing a MSE wall with a combination of 90+/- corners and fillet corners.

When the Corridor is un-densified, the 90 corners are as expected but the fillet corners are excessively corded, also as expected.  However, when the corridor is densified, the fillets are as expected, but the 90 corners are now a mess. I don't recall this (90 corners being a mess) being an issue in previous versions. Please help I need this ASAP.


Fillet Corner Before Densification: 


After Densification (nice):


90 corner before Densification:


90 corner after Densification (AAAAAKKKKK!!!)


There are 3 fillet corners and 3 mis-behaving 90 corners.

Using "Best and Breaklline Across" Corridor tolerance.


Please advise ASAP.