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GPS Receivers and Coordinate systems in ESRI Collector

Question asked by Evelyn Creel on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by Evelyn Creel

I have a interesting situation and I just don’t know if this will work with what equipment we are currently using.


R2 GNSS Receiver paired to a Ranger 7 W10 (Same as TSC7).  We are using GPS Controller to set up the ports and NMEA String as well as the NTRIP Correction and then setting up the location provider in ESRI Collector to receive the corrected information.


Every time they open a new map they receive an error which states that the location profile does not match.    ESRI Sent my customer this link to use Mobile Manager to configure location profiles


Now according to the link you should be able to go into Trimble Mobile Manager and configure the Coordinate system, can I ask will that tie in properly with the GPS Controller or is there a way to configure a different coordinate system in that application.  Any help or guidance you can provide is appreciated, I just don’t see how Trimble Mobile Manager will work in conjunction with the GPS Controller Application which is defining the ports and correction source. 

Any help or has anyone else run into this issue. 

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