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TBC macros - documentation, printout etc

Question asked by witold urbas on Jul 30, 2020
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Im quite new to TBC macros and im not very used to working with MS visual Studio.

Can i try my macros without launching TBC? It takes a while to restart tbc after every edit


Is there a documentation for the tbc macro commands?

For example if i want to access and print out the string withing a textbox i use the following command:

MessageBox.Show(self.testText.Text) where the name of the textbox is set to "testText".

But i dont know how to access the value from(for example) AngularEdit. For this reason a documetntation would be helpful.


Also, where can i find a terminal in MS visual studio? For example if i do a print("hello world"). Where can i se the printout?