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S6 data output through com port

Discussion created by John Hamilton on Jul 30, 2020
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I have an S6 and want to output a data stream to a computer. The instrument has two ports, one labeled 12V and one labeled COM. I have a serial cable 53002021. So I connect the cable from the S6 to a laptop running realterm (for data capture). I run access on my TDC600, and under output...and pick "Instrument COM" from the dropdown, and I get the message "Can not open serial port". Next, I run access on my laptop. Same message, "Can not open serial port". But, if on the laptop I choose a serial port on the laptop (rather than "Instrument COM"), it appears to work. I don't have the serial port on the laptop connected to another computer to see the data flow, but I don't get the error message "Can not open serial port"


It seems to me that I should be able to stream data out the COM port on the instrument, otherwise what is it there for? Can anyone confirm that this SHOULD work? If so, maybe there is something wrong on the S6. Or is there some external configuration program I need to run to enable this? 


It was a long time ago, but I am pretty sure I had this working exactly this way on a 5603 I had around 2000.