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How is feature # generated when importing .MDB data to Pathfinder and TerraSync?

Question asked by Joe Bryant on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by Joe Bryant

Hi all,

I'm having an issue with the order of features created when importing existing tabular data to TerraSync for updating positions using our Trimble handheld unit. Basically, the list of features is not being numbered and then sorted by the field that reflects the order I want the features collected in. It is instead using another ID field in the table and numbering the imported features out of sequence. I have not found a setting to control this parameter in either the import process or the data dictionary creation.



-Windows 8.1 Pro

-Access 2013

-GPS Pathfinder Office 5.70

-TerraSync 5.70

-Trimble GeoXH GeoExplorer 6000 Series (Centimeter Edition)

     -Running Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional


I am generating my data table (water meters within a defined zone) from our billing database using Access. This table contains a field we have created called "SEQNUM" that reflects the order water meters within a zone are to be read by field crew. I then export this table to Excel and edit some of the column header names and attribute values to prep the data for collection. At this point I have sorted the data by SEQNUM and moved it to the first column. To play along with Pathfinder, I then import this table into a blank Access database, selecting SEQNUM as the key field, check that it is still sequenced correctly, and save it as an .mdb (Access 2002-2003). I then import this into Pathfinder using the Microsoft Access MDB Import Setup with a separate Data Dictionary I have already generated. I have already verified this DDF works and sequences the features correctly with other imports of the same range of data. All matching and attributing goes smoothly, but after transferring the import file to my GeoXH and opening it, I see that the feature number has been based on a LocationID field (as it appears in our billing database) and the data is out of order.


I've looked all over the help to see where this parameter is set but cannot find it. How does Pathfinder decide what order to create features on import from an .mdb? Is the problem with my data? Do I need to go all the way back to the first table export in Access and sort by SEQNUM as part of the query?