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Rejected file from OPUS - C3 Observables preventing loading into OPUS

Question asked by Joel Cusick on Aug 11, 2020
Mark Silver, iGage is helping me resolve an issue with NETR9's that the NPS is using to for NTRIP stations around US. 
Similar to Ronald Schnieders issue with ASPOS (see this forum), but has to deal with output directly using the WEBGUI and Convert/download to Rinex 2.11 option.
The files won't process with OPUS, but they will pass thru the gnssProcessor, but I need to do OPUS Shared solutions (not available using gnssProcessor, nor can I use Mark's incredible OPUS Uploader to submit multiple files automatically.  I'm stuck with using one-at-a-time gnssProcessor.
The issue according to Mark, is I would have to strip C3 observables prior to submission to OPUS using TEcq, again an extra step that I feel incredibly clunky.
My NetR9's are current with FW (5.45 - merely one version out of compliance).  Can you guys look at what's going on, and can you provide a "cleaner" to strip C3 from files so we can use OPUS straight up?
In this case, OPUS is rejecting the file as it immediately fails the TEQC preprocess as shown above.
You need to use TEQC to strip C3 prior to sending.