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TBC 5.31 Line Marking Bug

Question asked by John Davidson on Aug 14, 2020

Since updating to v5.31 I have be having a problem with line markings staying on a line after finishing editing(Toggle Line Markings is already turned off) . And if i change a grade it will look as if both grades are there. It seems to do it every time I open another command while editing and even when I do not. Line segments will be on after breaking or clipping lines. To fix it I have to either open a new Plan or 3D View when it does this or Turn line markings on and then back off. Is this something that can be looked into and fixed soon??? I have attached a screenshot of what I am running into, No command open or line selected and toggle line markings is off and you can still see the vpi's on 2 separate lines. I have it on as many as 10 lines before.